Download amazing  Backgrounds and Textures  from PixaFOTO and learn how to use artsy backgrounds in Photoshop CC 2017!  The same technique will work with all textures and photoshop overlays. Quick VideoTutorial.

How to Use Artsy Backgrounds in Photoshop

How To Use Artsy Backgrounds in Photoshop CC 2017 | Scenic Backgrounds | Photoshop Overlays | Chalk Textures

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Step 1

First open main image and a new background. The scenic background used in this tutorial is available at  Floral Chalk Backgrounds  but the same technique will work with all textures and photoshop overlays.

Step 2

Grab the ‘Quick Selection Tool’ from the toolbar; and open the ‘Select and Mask’ properties.

Step 3

In the Properties panel check the box ‘High Quality Preview’ and choose the ‘View Mode’ settings to change how you will see your selection. Overlay is a good choice, as you can pick a colour that contrasts with your image.

Step 4

Set the Quick Select brush to a small size and paint over the image you’d like to select.

Step 5

Make your brush size smaller and refine the selection.

Step 6

If the brush grabs too much, don’t worry, use the ‘Subtract from selection’ tool to remove anything you don’t want to keep.

Step 7

Next, switch to the ‘Refine Edge Brush Tool’ to touch up the hair and other soft edges. 

Check the box marked  ‘Smart Radius’.  This helps Photoshop to make a distinction between soft and hard edges.

Take your time to paint over the edges of your selection. This will save the small details like fur and hair.

Step 8

Once you’re happy with your selection, go to the Output Settings. Select the ‘Decontaminate Colors’  box if you need to remove any colour fringe left in your selection.

Choose ‘New Layer with Layer Mask’, and click ‘OK’.

You will now return to your main image, with your selection added as a new layer.

Step 9

Now use the ‘Move tool’ to drag and drop the selection onto the background image. 

Step 10

Select  Edit->Transform->Scale  to change the image’s size. Confirm your changes by clicking the ‘Commit transform’ button.

Step 11

The final step is to blend properly the foreground with the background using the ‘Colour Lookup’  adjustment layer selections.

That’s it! Save your work.

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