With the new layer implementation, Capture One now provides the ability to edit more quickly, with more precision than before, and it also makes for your adjustments to be altered with ease at any time. 

Within the Capture One Layers section you will find the Opacity slider, and this, in effect, works as it does in Photoshop. You just add a PixaFOTO style to a new layer and choose how much of the preset you want to apply. 


Step 1

In the Styles and Presets panel, unfold the Styles and Presets from the collections and scroll over those in the list. The effects of each will be displayed in the Viewer. Do not select a style at this time because it will be automatically applied to the background as normal.

Highlight the chosen style from the list, then press Ctrl/right-click. The context menu will open. Choose Apply to New Layer – choosing this option creates a new filled layer and applies the adjustments to it. The layer is given the name of the applied style. If this option is grayed-out, then the settings for this style cannot be applied to a layer.

Note: Some styles (incl. B&W) cannot be applied to a new layer.

Applying a Capture One style to a new layer

Step 2

Capture One styles applied to a separate layer do not alter the image’s Base Characteristics and Vignetting settings. You have to do that manually!

In the Base Characteristics and Vignetting panels, specify Vignetting Amount, ICC Profile, and Curve settings. 

Note: You can find the right Vignetting Amount, ICC Profile, and Curve values, if you apply the chosen style to the background, by selecting Apply to Background.

Applying a Capture One style to a new layer

Step 3

If desired, you can change the layer’s opacity in the Layers panel and find the look that fits your photo best.

Applying a Capture One style to a new layer

You are done!.


Capture One Presets & Styles QuickTips

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