Want to speed up your DxO PhotoLab image editing workflow? – Download amazing  DxO PRESETS  from PixaFOTO and follow the next easy steps to install and use DxO presets. Step-by-Step Quick Tutorial.

How to Install DxO Presets | DxO PhotoLab

Step 1

  • In your Downloads folder double-click a ZIP file that you downloaded to extract its contents into the same Downloads folder.

Step 1 DxO Import

Step 2

  • Launch DxO PhotoLab and open an image to edit.
  • Click on “New Preset Folder/Group” button in the PRESET EDITOR.

Learn How to Download / Import DxO PhotoLab Presets

  • Select your New Preset Folder/Group (you can rename it) and from the Right-Click Menu choose “Import..” option.
  • Go to downloaded PhotoLab presets folder. Select all your new presets and click “Open”.

Step 3

  • You are done!  Close DxO PhotoLab and restart it.

Step 3

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DxO Presets QuickTips

Looking for more DxO presets?  Here you can find some quick tips to get started with DxO presets and see them all:  All presets for DxO, and more!!!! …

For the best results, use our presets with recent DxO PhotoLab & DxO FilmPack Elite editions.

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The pack of presets also comes with a guide to help you, so be sure to read the HELP file after you download.  All our FREE and PREMIUM products are of the highest quality, offering the greatest possible support from our vendors.

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