25 DxO Studio PORTRAIT presets • MARCO Collection

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NEW brilliant 25 DxO Studio PORTRAIT photography presets.

Turn all your portraiture, wedding and family images into masterpieces!

Includes both DxO PhotoLab 3 (2020) and DxO PhotoLab 2 (2019) packs.


You may be familiar with portrait photography, but with the power of our new portrait DxO presets, you can create superbly evocative and stunning professional portraits with just one click.

Are you looking to level up your images? Ready for the next step in your portrait photography journey? This pack provides you with the best of the best!

Before ->-> After • Studio PORTRAIT 06 preset applied… created in just one click!

DxO STUDIO Portrait Presets from PixaFOTO.com
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From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  The ART Studio  | Studio PORTRAIT DxO presets

Studio portrait photography delivers maximum impact and emotion in a  distinctive style. These portraits are timeless and capture the essence of the subject’s character in a vision created by the photographer.

If you like the idea of your portraits hanging in your descendant’s hallway, then our studio portrait photography presets are a must. These DxO filters are designed with a touch of perfection in mind. They are perfect for creating distinctive portraits that will stand the test of time.

What is so special about our DxO Studio PORTRAIT presets?

Before ->-> After • Studio PORTRAIT 19 preset applied… created in just one click!

DxO STUDIO Portrait Presets from PixaFOTO.com | VIDEO

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  YouTube  |  Quick Video Presentation “Studio PORTRAIT DxO presets”

This collection comes with 25 gorgeous portrait DxO presets. We developed these Studio PORTRAIT Photography DxO presets so that you can continue to capture unforgettable moments with ease and peace of mind:

Studio PORTRAIT 01

Studio PORTRAIT 02

Studio PORTRAIT 03

Studio PORTRAIT 04

Studio PORTRAIT 05

Studio PORTRAIT 06

Studio PORTRAIT 07

Studio PORTRAIT 08

Studio PORTRAIT 09

Studio PORTRAIT 10

Studio PORTRAIT 11

Studio PORTRAIT 12

Studio PORTRAIT 13

Studio PORTRAIT 14

Studio PORTRAIT 15

Studio PORTRAIT 16

Studio PORTRAIT 17

Studio PORTRAIT 18

Studio PORTRAIT 19

Studio PORTRAIT 20

Studio PORTRAIT 21

Studio PORTRAIT 22

Studio PORTRAIT 23

Studio PORTRAIT 24

Studio PORTRAIT 25

Adjusting to the right tone, light, and mood is a tedious editing process.  With our presets, we take the guesswork out to give you back your most valuable asset – your time.

All our presets are updated to be fully compatible with all DxO PhotoLab 3 (2020)  / DxO PhotoLab 2 (2019)  & DxO FilmPack 5 exciting features.

For expected results, use these presets with DxO PhotoLab 3 Elite & DxO FilmPack 5 Elite, or DxO PhotoLab 2 Elite & DxO FilmPack 5 Elite.

Works with DxO PhotoLab 3 (2020) / DxO PhotoLab 2 (2019)  & DxO FilmPack 5 Elite.

DxO Studio PORTRAIT presets • Selected Reviews

“Love the simplicity and how perfect my photos look. Hands down the best presets for portrait photography!”

by wedding photographer Jason Harrison on March 10, 2020 04:30 PM


“Very powerful, simple and easy to use! You don’t have to be a studio photographer as these presets work flawlessly with any type of portrait even outdoors.”

by photographer and retoucher Billy Wood on March 25, 2020 02:35 PM

Premium presets from PixaFOTO.com

Premium & Free DxO presets • QuickTips

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For the best results, use our presets with DxO PhotoLab Elite & DxO FilmPack 5 Elite editions.

Want to find out more about new DxO photo editing software for Mac and Windows?  Click here!

The pack of presets also comes with a guide to help you, so be sure to read the HELP file after you download.  All our FREE and PREMIUM products are of the highest quality, offering the greatest possible support from FotoSogno.

Want to see the simplest way of installing DxO presets?  Click here!

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