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The go-to Aurora HDR 2019 set for cityscape photography and street images. The set features 20+ beautiful looks.

Try it for free! Download 2 stunning free Aurora HDR presets from The Art Studio!

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When it comes to cityscape photography, we truly believe that every city has a unique “soul” to it that you have to find and show. We created the best  Cityscape Aurora HDR looks  for you to produce ultimate scapes. Try it for free!

Before ->-> After • Cs.13 Sixty look applied… created in just one click!

Cityscape Aurora HDR Looks from | Sample 2

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Rare Collections |  Cityscape Aurora HDR 2019 Looks

Skyscrapers.  Busy streets teeming with cars and people.  Lookups and downs.  Wide angle overviews. A busy metropolis is ripe with a variety of exciting photo opportunities—from buildings and bridges to traffic and tourists. Just about anything and everything is fair game for your cityscape photography.

Before ->-> After • Cs.21 Rio look applied… created in just one click!

Cityscape Aurora HDR Looks from | Sample 1

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Rare Collections |  Cityscape Aurora HDR 2019 Looks

These Aurora 2019 looks will bring out amazing color and tone in your photos without compromising quality. Apply them to achieve an artistic look, gorgeous for cityscapes and street photography.

This is true of all photography, but with cityscape photography you have both natural light and artificial light to contend with. This can make it a challenge, but it can also provide ample opportunities. Now you can use exclusive Cityscape Collection Aurora HDR looks to turn ALL your photos into masterpieces!

What is so special about our Cityscape Aurora HDR 2019 looks?

Cityscape Aurora HDR Looks from - VIDEO

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Media  |  Quick Video Presentation “Aurora HDR Cityscape Looks”

Amazing Cityscape Photography collection features 20+ brilliant Aurora HDR 2019 looks. We love photo editing so much and figured out a few unpredictable ways to push the controls and create some amazing results. From subtle enhancements to dynamic stylistic editing, this collection is ideal for urban, street and lifestyle photography.

Cs.01 Moscow City 

Cs.02 Whidbey

Cs.03 Evolution

Cs.04 Eurasia Tower

Cs.05 IQ Quarter

Cs.06 Mercury

Cs.07 San Juan

Cs.08 Sunset Cliffs

Cs.09 Tower 2000

Cs.10 Skyscraper

Cs.11 Federation

Cs.12 Capital City

Cs.13 Sixty | FREE Aurora HDR look 

Cs.14 Buba by Sumosan

Cs.15 Manometer

Cs.16 Natural Scape

Cs.17 Passeo del Rio 

Cs.18 Little Havana

Cs.19 Metropolitan

Cs.20 Oko

Cs.21 Rio | FREE Aurora HDR look 

Cs.22 Palamos | NEW

These Aurora presets are designed to work with Skylum Aurora HDR 2019 software RAW and JPEG images.  While you can still get amazing images from JPGs, using RAW files provides much more information for the Aurora HDR program to work with.

If some presets are too strong for your image, you can change their opacity and find the look that fits your photo best.

Don’t miss the chance to get amazing  Cityscape Photography collection!

Now you can use creative Aurora hdr presets to turn all your landscape photos into masterpieces!

Cityscape Aurora HDR 2019 looks • Reviews

” Jo Jo approached me and asked if I would be interested to try out some of the Aurora HDR presets intended for cityscapes. I definitely think that if your style is to produce vivid & punchy scapes that stand out, this set could definitely be a worthwhile investment!.. “

by photographer Alec Wilson on February 09, 2019 10:20 AM


” With this set you are getting some of the amazing Rare Collections’ expertise instead of trying to re-invent the wheel by creating your own preset sets….”

by Canadian photographer & journalist Peter Paul on February 13, 2019 10:15 AM


Premium presets from

Cityscape Aurora HDR 2019 looks • QuickTips

Looking for more Aurora HDR presets?  Here you can find some quick tips to get started with Aurora presets and see them all:  All presets for Aurora HDR, and more!!!! …

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The pack of presets also comes with a guide to help you, so be sure to read the HELP file after you download.  All our FREE and PREMIUM products are of the highest quality, offering the greatest possible support from The ART Studio.  Download & Enjoy!

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