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FREE Luminar NEO Presets • New Sample Pack

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Create a whole NEW world using just one collection of Luminar NEO presets. Just look!

Includes 3 free Luminar NEO presets for mac/pc.



The most versatile set of presets for Luminar NEO. It is perfect for all your portraits, landscapes, lifestyle photos, and much more. Try it for free. Download free Luminar NEO presets!

Works only with Luminar NEO.

Do you feel like your images look way too muted and bland? – These presets are exactly what you need! The more you use these new beautiful Essential Luminar NEO presets, the more uses you’ll find for them.

Before ->-> After  • RAW image with Sumo Fighter free preset applied… created in just one click!

FREE Luminar NEO Presets - Essentials - 02

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Rare Collections  |  Essential Luminar NEO presets

People, animals, places, details, abstracts, landscapes. Day to day photography encompasses such a large scope for material that it can be hard to know where to begin. These beautiful presets will save you countless hours of frustration when using new LuminarNEO.

Before ->-> After  • RAW image with London Bridge Hdr free preset applied… created in just one click!

FREE Luminar NEO Presets - Essentials - 01

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Rare Collections  |  Essential Luminar NEO presets

The most essential 25 LuminarNEO presets that you will use in your everyday photography!  Some work great with landscapes, some are better for architecture, and some are best with people and lifestyle photography. There are also some interesting B&W filters included.

Before ->-> After  • RAW image with Elegant Matte free preset applied… created in just one click!

FREE Luminar NEO Presets - Essentials - 03

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Rare Collections  |  Essential Luminar NEO presets

These Luminar NEO presets are one of the best ways to instantly enhance your work. It’s almost like borrowing the workflow of a famous pro retoucher and using it on your own files.  Whether you are editing a new portrait or landscape image, our presets will produce fascinating results.

What is so special about our Essential Luminar NEO presets?

Essential Luminar NEO presets | VIDEO

From PixaFOTO Marketplace  |  Media | Quick Video Presentation “Exclusive Essentials Luminar NEO collection”

Getting the perfect look for your images can take a lot of trial and error and practice. So, we’ve decided to offer an awesome pack of 25 Luminar NEO presets good for all types of photos and a wide range of uses.

01 – Underwater Ballet

02 – Himalaya Landscape

03 – Art Print

04 – Pastel Miracle

05 – Spring Flowers

06 – Hollywood Film

07 – London Bridge Hdr | FREE PRESET

08 – Cool Vibe

09 – Perfect Portrait

10 – Valley Of Gods

11 – Sumo Fighter | FREE PRESET

12 – Parisian

13 – Warm Sky

14 – Marilyn B&W

15 – Elegant Matte | FREE PRESET

16 – Carmel Beach

17 – Crushed Film

18 – Blue Cloudy Sky

19 – Moraine Lake

20 – My Toy

21 – Desert Trail

22 – Style Of Life

23 – Honeymoon Film

24 – Warm & Sunny

25 – Movie Star

All our premium and free Luminar presets packs are designed to work with RAW and JPEG images with Luminar mac/pc versions. While you can still get amazing images from JPGs, using RAW files provides much more information for the Skylum Luminar program to work with.

If some presets are too strong for your image, you can change their opacity and find the look that fits your photo best.

We’ve been testing the new Luminar AI (2021) & Luminar NEO (2022) versions exclusively for some time now. We are very impressed with how Skylum Luminar program looks and functions now, and we’re excited about all the changes and refinements they’ve made to the program. Highly recommended for both Mac & Windows users! 

You can download ALL Essential NEO Presets here.

Essential Luminar NEO Presets • Reviews

” … Bold and exciting presets. Packed with creative thinking….”

by CVT Photography

The new presets are amazing! The workflow setup cuts a great deal of time off of my post-processing….”

by retoucher Joan Beal

Premium presets from

Exclusive Luminar Presets • QuickTips

Here you can find some quick tips to get started with Luminar presets and see them all: All presets for Luminar, and more!!!! …

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The pack of presets also comes with a guide to help you, so be sure to read the HELP file after you download it.  All our FREE and PREMIUM products are of the highest quality, offering the greatest possible support from our vendors.  Download and Enjoy!

Want to see the simplest way of installing Luminar presets?  Click here!

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